Westrey Wine Company

Growing Premium Oregon Wines for Over Twenty Years

Pinot noir, Pinot gris and Chardonnay grown and crafted by winemakers David Autrey and Amy Wesselman in Oregon's Willamette Valley.

About Westrey Wine Company

Westrey Wine Company was founded in 1993 by co-winemakers Amy Wesselman and David Autrey, along with David’s father, Robert Autrey, in Oregon’s burgeoning Willamette Valley. Amy and David focus on crafting elegant Pinot Noir wines, fruit-driven Burgundian-style Chardonnay and crisp, refreshing Pinot Gris. The wines are designed to be balanced and ageworthy, always complementing and enlivening the food with which they are served.



Amy and David strive to grow their grapes and make their wines using a sustainable approach. The vineyard is LIVE certified, a credential that is earned by taking into account not only organic approaches to farming but also by considering the inputs and outputs of the farm as a whole. Through their commitment to the !Salud! program Amy and David help to provide health care to vineyard workers who are otherwise uninsurable. 

Oregon's Finest Grapes

Westrey Wine Company makes Pinot noir, Pinot gris and Chardonnay with fruit sourced from long-time friends in the Willamette Valley and their own Oracle Vineyard in the Dundee Hills. Vineyard-designated bottlings are designed to showcase the connection between the unique terroirs where the grapes are grown and the final personality of the wine. Currently, Westrey produces about 5,000 cases of premium Oregon wine annually.


The Winery

Westrey wines are crafted at our facility in McMinnville's granary district, at 1065 NE Alpine Drive.  

Westrey is not your typical winery. When you visit us, you won’t be overtaken by beautiful, pastoral vistas (you'll have to visit the vineyard to see those); you will see a down and dirty winemaking operation where beauty is sacrificed in the service of crafting the best wine possible. When you meet Amy and David, the first thing you will notice is their unpretentious but passionate commitment to crafting elegant, irresistible, distinctive wines that convey the heart of their vineyard of origin.

We are open memorial day, thanksgiving, and by appointment. To setup a winery visit, or to purchase our wines over the phone, call David at 503-434-6357.

Westrey Harvest Crew 2013

Westrey Harvest Crew 2013